The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Waveconn Graham Bradley is delighted on behalf of the board of Waveconn to announce that Simon Fennessy has joined Waveconn as CEO in November 2022, succeeding Russell Stanners.

“With the support of the existing Waveconn leadership team, Simon will guide Waveconn in the next stage of the businesses growth and development, building on the team’s  strong reputation as a reliable and innovative partner to our carrier clients providing timely delivery of cost efficient neutral host tower infrastructure solutions.”

Simon comes to Waveconn from Telstra, where he was responsible for leading the Business improvement practice supporting Telstra Enterprise. Simon has extensive experience in operations, management, telecommunications and infrastructure having held senior roles within Telstra, Telstra InfraCo, Ninemsn and Orange Switzerland prior to joining Waveconn. Through his experiences, Simon has demonstrated an outstanding ability to innovate and lead teams to meet customer needs.


“I am thrilled to be joining Waveconn and build on its innovative pedigree and track record as a TowerCo. Waveconn will deliver great outcomes for customers and connect millions of Australians to the potential of 5G and more. It will be exciting for Waveconn to play a significant role in the transformation of the Australian mobile telecom sector.”

About Simon Fennessy

Simon joins the Waveconn team with a wealth of international experience gained through his employment in Australia, Europe, and Latin America. Early in his career, Simon established and managed an innovative financial services trading firm. Over the past 20 years, Simon has worked in the telecom industry in various leadership roles, including strategy, strategic marketing, product development, operations, field services, asset management, service delivery, and business improvement. Simon is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration.

Thank you, Russell Stanners,

The Board would like to thank CEO Russell Stanners for his leadership over the last 1.5 years. Russell joined Stilmark as CEO in 2021 and played a critical role in ensuring Stilmark remained a leading player in the telecommunications infrastructure sector through a period of significant change for the Towerco industry. Supported by Stilmark’s leadership team, Russell continued to nurture the very nature of what has differentiated Stilmark from its peers – a strong focus on the customer and doing things differently. Ultimately, Russell’s leadership through this period and partnership with OMERS was critical to executing the transaction that led to the creation of Waveconn. We look forward to continuing to work with Russell.

Russell Stanners 

“It has been a privilege to have been able to work with this team over the last eighteen months and I have enjoyed every day. Together we have achieved a lot and moved the industry forward. Waveconn is a great team, and with Simon’s leadership, the future is looking bright.  I look forward to continuing to support Simon and the board”

About Waveconn

Waveconn is a specialist developer and investor in telecommunications infrastructure in Australia, established in 2022.  Waveconn was formed through OMERS’ acquisition of the TPG/Vodafone tower and rooftop portfolio and Stilmark, creating a single enterprise with over 1,400 sites to respond to the need for a more efficient, nimble service offering in Australia. And now, as Waveconn, we are looking forward to building on our excellent reputation in the industry. Deep partnerships with our clients and an excitement for growth have resulted in our position as Australia’s leading independent digital infrastructure business.