Who we are

Waveconn is an agile and flexible digital infrastructure business that is excited to play a role in the future of telecommunications. Created to meet the needs of the constantly evolving world of telecommunications, we apply our high level of industry experience in the digital infrastructure space. From mobile network operators, government agencies and private operators to property owners, we work in partnership with our clients, enabling greater connection.

A specialist developer and investor in telecommunications infrastructure in Australia, we exist to create a connected future. We were formed through OMERS’ acquisition of the TPG/Vodafone tower and rooftop portfolio and Stilmark, creating a single enterprise to respond to the need for a more efficient, nimble service offering in Australia. And now, as Waveconn, we are looking forward to building on our excellent reputation in the industry. Deep partnerships with our clients and an excitement for growth have resulted in our position as Australia’s leading independent digital infrastructure business.

Why we're distinctive


We’re independent

As a neutral operator, we offer turnkey infrastructure deployment to the Australian telecommunications industry, backed by substantial capital funding. Waveconn is entirely independent, with no direct or indirect carrier ownership or funding. With Waveconn, all clients are on a level playing field as we operate without the constraints of mobile network operator ownership. It’s this independence which informs our ability to provide a highly responsive service to our clients.


We’re capable

Our existing scale, capital backing and eagerness to support our clients is reflected in the range of projects we deliver. We are fast movers, guided by experienced industry leaders who apply long standing knowledge to ensure that our offering is always efficient, exemplary and successful. Our offering of market leading deployment and extensive asset management capabilities have ensured that all our clients enjoy the highest level of safety, security, resilience and speed.


We challenge

As a true challenger within the industry, we are motivated by the need to consistently iterate and innovate. Our entrepreneurial culture drives our mission to deliver greater connectivity in both metro and regional areas. Our appetite for growth is set to continue providing best in class solutions across macro connectivity and other neutral host deployments. We’re constantly looking to the horizon, expanding our site portfolio and integrating emerging technologies. We are inspired by the upside, a future that holds opportunities for a more connected world – and we’re excited to help enable it.


Leadership team

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What we do

We’re changing the deployment landscape by fostering creative thinking, enabling faster lead times and delivering exemplary success rates.



We provide new, 5G enabled sites with inbuilt upgrade capacity. Faster deployment, higher success rates and lower costs mean you’ll achieve your network objectives sooner.



We operate with a customer centric focus. Our processes to enable co-location are seamless, efficient and uncomplicated. Unencumbered by legacy thinking, our team has developed a co-location experience that delivers outcomes faster than anyone else.


Asset management

Our digital connectivity advisory services provide property portfolio owners, infrastructure clients and real estate investment trusts with design, compliance and review services. We work with some of Australia’s leading property developers, to unlock revenue potential, maximise asset integrity and optimise the performance of their digital infrastructure for end users.


Property development partnerships

An essential element of any new property development, mobile connectivity needs to be strategically conceived and consistent with the objectives of both the development and the community it serves. We partner closely with our clients from the design and planning stages, ensuring the most efficient route to final implementation and delivery.


Structure supply

From program-scale for larger carriers to bespoke solutions for smaller organisations, we deliver an innovative and holistic approach. Our services include design, fabrication and implementation of telecommunications infrastructure, accessories and design.


Connectivity solutions

Independent and collaborative, we approach connectivity as an evolving service. To meet the needs of our clients both today and in the future, we can act as a neutral host to facilitate sharing using cutting edge technologies. Whether our clients require small cell, DAS or edge computing services, all can benefit from our customer centric approach and creative thinking.

The standards we hold ourselves to

We know that the way we perform is based on aligning ourselves with exceptional standards, industry expectations and a strong set of values.

Safety & Environment

The safety of our people, our clients and the community is critical and our commitment to this is uncompromising. We operate to 14001 (Environmental Management), 45001 (OHS) and have safety as top of our minds at all times.


We value our people and celebrate their unique skills, expertise and talent as being critical to our ability to innovate and deliver. Our commitment to creating an inclusive, diverse and supportive workplace ensures a positive and productive culture.


The security of our services is paramount. Waveconn’s membership with the Cyber Infrastructure Security Centre, Trusted Information Sharing Network, Communications Sector Group and ASIO’s Business Outreach Program underline this commitment.


Waveconn is focused on delivering exceptional quality across all aspects of the business and are proud of our ISO certifications 9001 (Quality Management). Through the achievement of organisational quality objectives, application of industry best practice and the continual improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS), we ensure our customers receive only the best outcomes.

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