Are you seeking to enhance the desirability and sustainability of your development? Learn from Frasers Property Australia experience and explore the positive impact of reliable mobile coverage facilitated by Waveconn.

Case study: Frasers Property experience with Waveconn

Frasers Property, at their renowned Five Farms masterplanned community development in Clyde North, southeast Melbourne, faced a common challenge: poor mobile coverage. Sharon Coates, Senior Development Manager for Frasers Property commented: “The mobile coverage in this area is really poor. Before Waveconn got here it was non-existent.”

Why mobile coverage matters

In today’s connected world, people are prioritising mobile coverage in all aspects of their lives. The absence of mobile coverage poses a significant concern, potentially deterring buyers and impacting sales.

Key benefits of the Waveconn partnership:

  • Cost: Waveconn covers the cost of the tower, providing a valuable benefit for developers.
  • Streamlined process: From planning permits to installation and coordinating mobile carriers (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone/TPG), Waveconn handles it all, saving you time and money.
  • Quality assurance: Frasers Property and Casey City Council have praised how the tower looks, demonstrating Waveconn’s commitment to excellence and its seamless integration within the development.
  • Early and reliable delivery: Waveconn’s efficient process ensures timely and dependable delivery of communications infrastructure, setting your development apart.

The positive impact of mobile connectivity

As one local resident aptly puts it, “Being connected means being safe.” Mobile coverage fosters a connected, sustainable, and safe community, enhancing the overall living experience.

Ready to elevate your developments?

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