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Trusted collaborations nationwide

Waveconn, an established mobile network infrastructure provider (MNIP), has been partnering with developers since 2020 to deliver reliable mobile telecommunications solutions nationwide. With a strong track record, we specialise in providing essential infrastructure in growing areas, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to quality. Our collaborations have successfully supported developments by enhancing mobile connectivity, ensuring efficient communication for residents and businesses. Explore how Waveconn can benefit your project with our trusted and innovative solutions.

Our strong relationships with all the major mobile network operators (MNOs), including Telstra, Optus and TPG, ensure that our solutions can be optimised to meet your customers’ needs.

Navigating the regulatory landscape

The Federal Government’s recently amended Telecommunications in New Developments (TIND) policy, effective from February 17, 2024, is set to reshape the landscape for property developers. The updated policy now includes provisions for mobile telecommunications infrastructure, specifically targeting residential developments with more than 50 lots.

Under the amended TIND policy, developers are expected to engage MNIPs and MNOs early in the development process to ensure mobile connectivity is considered along with other essential utilities.

Key responsibilities for developers include:

  1. Engage with MNIPs and MNOs during the initial design or master planning phase
  2. Identify suitable sites for mobile telecommunications infrastructure early on
  3. Negotiate fair terms with MNIPs/MNOs for land access and long-term maintenance

While the TIND policy is a federal government initiative, its implementation may vary depending on the adoption of complementary rules by state and territory governments.

Why choose Waveconn?

  • Proven track record of successful collaborations with developers across Australia
  • Extensive industry knowledge and relationships with major MNOs
  • Specialised expertise in identifying optimal mobile telecommunications infrastructure and negotiating access agreements
  • Commitment to delivering seamless mobile connectivity solutions tailored to your development’s needs

Our dedicated team has cultivated strategic partnerships with property developers across residential, industrial, logistics, commercial, and retail sectors.

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